December 17th, 2010 § 67

Christmas is a special time for God and I.

To be perfectly honest, it’s about every other day I decide I can’t be a Christian any longer. All the fear and close-mindedness, the politics and the profuse amount of side-hugging—it gets to be a bit too much for me.

But then, smack dab in the middle of all I find unsavory and inconvenient, there’s the Incarnation.

God made flesh.

The crazy, radical idea that God, in all his perfection and divinity, entered this world through the pelvis of a woman. And everything changed.

I imagine for a great many people this must be a nasty theological stumbling block, but for me the Incarnation is the most breathtaking thing in the whole wide world.

The God of the universe resting in a luscious, little baby body.

The pinnacle of holiness and supremacy and power intentionally choosing to manifest Himself in the most fragile and helpless of ways.

Mysterious and profound and completely irresistible, I think.

Because this act, this crazed collision between divinity and humanity, inverts everything I’ve ever been taught about what is good and desirable and appropriate. The Incarnation single-handedly disintegrates our notions of self-sufficiency and independence.

We are careful, aren’t we, to scorn expressions of need? To strangle and suffocate the neediness within ourselves?

But I’m quite certain the more preoccupied we become with our own autonomy, the farther we are from Christ.

For the default posture of every Christian must be one of compulsive dependence and profound need, manifest in God himself as helpless babe.


Unattractive even.

And the most liberating joy the heart will ever know.

Christmas. God made flesh. Amen

And Today, A Poem By Rumi

December 9th, 2010 § 58

Grainy Taste:

Without a net, I catch a falcon

and release it to the sky, hunting

God. This wine I drink today was

never held in a clay jar. I love

this world, even as I hear the great

wind of leaving it rising, for there

is a grainy taste I prefer to every

idea of heaven: human friendship.

Happy Heart List

December 6th, 2010 § 40

A smidgen of what’s been tickling my heart these past seven days:

(1) Cheese. (I’ve decided there’s nothing so wrong with my world that a slice of finely aged cheese can’t fix)

(2) Black tights. (Best with boots)

(3) Breakfast with my old lady friend. (Hooray for getting aquatinted over breakfast sandwiches)

(4) Two-year-old dance parties. (In case you were wondering, I have the chicken dance down pat)

(5) Sneaking away for fantastic conversations with even more fantastic housemates. (LOVE)

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