A Quarter in Review

March 27th, 2011 § 32

This quarter I…

(1) Ran a mile

(2) Wrote a grant proposal

(3) Built a fort

(4) Ran 2 miles

(5) Performed a Vagina Monologue

(6) Hiked Madonna Mountain

(7) Got a henna (When in Berkeley…)

(8) Ran 3 miles

(9) Painted the toenails of half my male housemates (Impressive, no?)

(10) Turned 22

(11) Ran 4 miles

(12) Joined the rest of the world and watched Star Wars Episode IV for the very first time

(13) Pulled a B in my Applications in Geographic Information Systems class (Otherwise known as my NEMISIS)

(14) Ran 5 miles

(15) Avoided this blog (Obvious to you, of course, my dear forsaken reader)

Where am I?

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