The Glorious Unnecessary

May 28th, 2012 § 60

A few days ago, I was eating raspberries, and I was absolutely awe-struck.

If you’ve never taken the time to ruminate on the beauty of a single raspberry, put it on your to-do list immediately, I beg of you! Raspberries are decidedly regal. The combination of their delicate shape, velvety flesh, and brilliantly femme fatale color is enough to make any reasonably sensing person keel over with delight.

And so it was that these raspberries got me thinking about the world, and the privilege it is to be alive in it.

I was struck by the thought that this world wasn’t created out of necessity. It was made for enjoyment. Fingerprints and popcorn and peacock feathers and the smell of late spring at dusk—these things are not utilitarian! They are gifts! They are divine kisses! Punctuation marks on the most poetic love letter ever written. How much this pleasure-taking God loves us that he would give us such things!

This lead me to thinking about the kind of person I want to be, and about the way I want to live in the world.

Friends, I want to operate out of the knowledge that this world and everything in it is a big, gigantic, juicy splurge.

It didn’t have to be. But it is. And this is a profound gift.

I want to be alive to my senses.

I want to practice enjoyment.

I want to cultivate gratitude for the smell of cilantro and the way the ground feels under my feet and the cadence of darling, little child voices.

I want to go out of this world slurping on its beauty, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, grateful to have known the sweet nectar that is all created things, and the love of God that brought them to be.

Humans have done a miserable job of taking pleasure.

We do it selfishly, or as if it is a tremendous chore.

All the more reason why pleasure-taking is an important practice for those who know the Creator of all things! It cannot wait for tomorrow. The world desperately needs people who love being alive, people who mirror God’s care and creativity and enjoyment, people who push back against the effects of the Fall by moving about their lives in the knowledge that this world actually matters to God, and will one day be restored to its fullest, richest, most potent glory.

I know I haven’t become this person in full, but raspberries help.



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