A List of 23 Things

February 22nd, 2013 § 2,256

This past year of life…

  1. I learned how to make eggs benedict
  2. I learned the ridiculous joy of being an aunt
  3. I learned that a road trip of any length is made do-able with a bit of butt-clenching
  4. I learned there’s a lot of crappy places to live in this country
  5. I learned the importance of the lime-a-rita, especially in 95% humidity
  6. I learned that failure is miserable, and also it doesn’t kill me
  7. I learned how to earnestly watch a football game
  8. I learned the pleasure of a gin and tonic
  9. I learned that the kindest, most gracious thing God can do is expose my idols
  10. I learned that there is a place where people are more miserable than the DMV, and that place is the clerks office at the courthouse
  11. I learned how to file a restraining order
  12. I learned how to use a microfiche machine (in 2013 no less)
  13. I learned that nothing makes a drive home go faster than This American Life podcasts
  14. I learned that I have agency in someone making me feel small
  15. I learned that I get a chill when a rabbit runs over my grave
  16. I learned that I am the WORST at cars — parking them, driving them under the speed limit, and keeping them clean
  17. I learned how to let myself find company in unconventional friendships
  18. I learned that the stomach flu is every bit as miserable as I remember it being 11 years ago
  19. I learned how to make homemade marshmallows
  20. I learned how much I love the hunt for a poem that articulates something beautiful and striking and profound
  21. I learned to recite the book “Moo, Baa, La La La” from memory
  22. I learned (again) that I am securely loved
  23. I learned that black is not a clothing color for babysitting — I will return covered in drool marks, snot, applesauce crust, and/or goldfish dust every time. Guaranteed.


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